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  • Timings
    12:00 Noon to 3:15 PM
    7:00 PM to 10:15 PM
    Minimum Order for Delivery 250
Great Tasting Biryanis
Our exclusive small portion Biryani cooking process ensures that you are served a Biryani that tastes great, is fresh and leaves you satisfied everytime you visit us or order from us. We serve the meat/veggie portions that you desire the most (e.g. Our Chicken Biryani is served with a leg piece guaranteed). We also cook our Veg Biryani separately using 100% pure Vegetarian ingredients.
Large Portions
If you are a first time visitor to our restaurant, chances are you will order way more food than you can handle (We will happily pack the extra food for you to take-away). Our Standard Biryani portion is often shared by 2 people. We also offer a smaller Cutting variant of all our Biryanis for customers with a smaller appetite.

Value for Money Pricing
We can safely say that our pricing is as VFM as it can get. . While we do not offer the cheapest priced Biryani in town, once you visit or order from us, you will find that our pricing is as good as it can get for the quality of the Biryanis we offer, the quality of the ingredients we use, the fresh cooking process we follow, the comfortable ambience and prompt service we provide.
Prompt Services & Deliveries
Our aim is to get our processes optimized to a level where we are able to serve the Biryani at your table within a few minutes of placing the order. We also want to optimize our Door Delivery processes and our aim is to have the food delivered at your door within 30 minutes of placing the order.

We have reasonable work to do to achieve this aim of ours, but we are hoping that we will be able to execute and service you with what we internally call as “Bullet Train” speed.
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